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All of the characters are original design and copyright owned by  
pil concept (100% Hong Kong Creation)

MAIN CONCEPT  - "Goals can be achieved when you believe in
The purpose of the characters is designed to set up a positive role
models for the children in the hope of educating them to confront
difficult situation and conquer their own fear. The story brings out
the positive side of a human being such as trust, courage,
hardworking, honesty, integrity, patient, loving and caring...etc.
However, the meaning and moral issues behind each story are

Story Line - The story began somewhere in the outer space in a
planet titled the "Boo Boo Fairyland" (The land of happiness). One
day, four good citizens traveled together on a holiday trip to the
"Gala Star". Unexpectedly, the flying saucer ran out of fuel and
accidentally landed on a beautiful "star" which they later knew it
was "Earth", where was remarkably strange to them. They never
encountered anything like that in their life before. Although they
were scared, they had to find the saucer's fuel – "Boo Boo Crystal"
in order to return to their homeland. In the second they stepped on
Earth, they discovered that the children and the living environment
were totally different from theirs. Their fantastic adventure
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