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Foreign Newspapers Delivery
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We know that it can be very frustrated to read outdated newspapers from your home
country and when communication in every part of the world needs to be linked up in a
much tighter position in today's fast changing environment. PIL is devoted to help you
to solve this problem because our top priority is to provide you the most current issue
of the Same Day Worldwide Newspapers of your home country, no matter where it is

PIL is the distributor of the Satellite Newspapers Asia Pacific Ltd, which is the
exclusive holder of Satellite Newspapers digital newspapers operating rights for the
territory of Asia. Satellite Corporation is a publicly traded Nevada corporation whose
stock trading in the U.S. on the NASDAQ Bulletin Board.

In collaboration with Satellite Newspapers and with the support of the state-of-the-art
satellite as well as internet delivery system, PIL has the instant access to 190
leading newspapers from over 60 countries in 32 languages.
Delivery Hours
1. Monday to Friday ($5 delivery charge in all major commercial areas)
2. Saturday and Sunday's newspaper will be delivered on the following Monday     
(* Special delivery request on Saturday and Sunday will have an extra charge of
HK$10.00 per newspaper delivery)

1. Price is subject to change. All Newspapers are printed on Laser A3 paper.
2. Please order the newspapers one day in advance for the confirmation of the
delivery timing.
3. PIL shall not be responsible for any failure or delay in delivery of the newspapers if
the publisher didn't offer the newspapers on the day of the delivery.
4. Please instantly settle the newspaper payments either by cash or cheque upon

Price per copy
HK$45 / HK$50

Newspapers List

Tel: (852) 3900-0517  
Email: info@pilconcept.com